School Games should Resume together with Music and Drama - says PS Mukobe

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The disarray in school games happened when sports were about to take off in March last year but the activity came to a standstill by the maiden call from the government to close schools due to the entry of Coronavirus disease. The issue has been in the off side since then, but there has been green light at the end of the tunnel from the past five months when discussions over the resumption of games started.

A committee formed by officials from the Ministry of Sports has been facing setbacks by their counterparts from the State Department of Culture and Heritage, as they speculated that the issue of games usually happen concurrently with music and drama events, something that has been the main disagreement in the regular sittings that the said discussions have been happening.

According to the Committee from State Department of Culture and Heritage, plans to have games resume have been given a high knot, while music and drama events have been muted with no valid reasons. The PS, State Department of Culture and Heritage, Ms Josephta O. Mukobe, CBS (above) suggested that students rights should be considered before coming up with policies governing the areas of sports and culture, because the two are married and cannot be separated. She added that reviving one and suspending the other might create a serious divorce that could not be intertwined again in the future.

According to Ms Mukobe, the schools have different preferences in co-curricular participations, and the talents can only be realized if they are given equal chances to enter into events that they are best suited. On the same note, cultural performances and practices might be at risk of going extinct when the sports are only given an opportunity to take off, since learners will have to shift their attitude from music and drama to games of their choice. She therefore urged the committees to be considerate on how best the two activities can resume without suppressing the other.

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