We Know The People Who Are Sponsoring Terrorist And Bandits, We Will Expose Them If They Didn't Stop - Group Boasts


Insecurity across the country has become a threat to the development and well being of the citizens. However, according to the post made by Sahara Reporters on their twitter handle where a group threatened to expose people who are sponsoring terrorists in other to cause problem in the present administration and among the citizens. According to the spokeman, Mr Ifeanyi Ezedinma and he said "we have the document and names of people who are sponsoring terrorists and bandits in the country."

Although what terrorists are unleashing have been a threat to life, whereby people are scared to carry out their daily activities. And putting inoncent citizens in captive, many thinks that the reason they are doing it is to make people believe the present administration are not doing their best. The group said they have their names and if they didn't desist from it by next month they will expose them. Is better the sponsors are expose so that those terrorists will stop their evil act.

There's no way Nigeria will divide and nobody can do it. President Buhari wants good things to come to Nigeria and he's doing his best. Also he's working so hard that those people sponsoring security problem in Nigeria are expose and punish for their evil act.

Terrorists are agent of darkness and they don't mean anything good in a country, their motives and mission is always evil. Security agents are doing their best and Nigerians need to cooperate and work with them. This present administration is the best so far but the bad people are using their diabolic act to spoil their good works.

The situation of the country is affecting everyone and we must put hands together in other to solve the problem tormenting everyone. Insecurity is not something to play with and I believe when the sponsors are expose their agent will have no strength to unleash their evil act.

No matter what the country is facing we should not give up on the leaders, there's no country without ups and downs. I believe the country will overcome the storm, let's promote good things all the time and stop supporting evil and pray for one Nigeria.

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