Mixed Reactions As Babajide Kolade Otitoju Integrity Is Questioned

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Award-winning investigative journalist and the convener of Journalist hangout on TVC, Babajide Kolade Otitoju has taken to his Facebook page to react angrily to people questioning his integrity and accusing him of being bias when analyzing the situation of things in the country.

The veteran journalist made a post about his incoming book which he titled "My life and journalists hangout", while creating awareness for the book, he urged his fans who always believed in his uprightness to anticipate it as he revealed a lot of dark secrets in it.

The said post seemed not to go down well with some people as they decided to vent their anger and hatred on him in the comment section with majority of the people being Buhari's supporter. A certain Facebook user with the name 'Specialmade' Adeyemi Babalola subtly attack the journalist, accusing him of giving fake news about the tomatoes issue and has lost respect for him since then.

This and many other vicious comments happened to irk Babajide Otitoju that he had to go extreme by incurring God's anger on himself if truly he lied about the increase in the price of tomatoes or anything whatsoever and also on those who accused him wrongly. According to Babajide Otitoju whose name literally means 'truth', he would never lie even if death looks him in the face.

Another Facebook user accused him of being allergic to criticism despite him being a wonderful journalist, however, he denied the accusations saying he's rather allergic to insults. It's a sad thing that social media has become a tool used by some evil ones to badmouth people who has an entirely different opinion from them or speaks against their favorite politician or celebrity.

What do you think about Babajide's upcoming book as well as the huge insults he received? Do you think he's a straightforward person as claimed? Let's hear your opinion about the kind of personality you think he portrays.

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