COVID- 19 has propelled businesses and entrepreneurs to be highly innovative and creative


The outbreak of COVID-19 has shifted the world from the analog way of doing things to digitalization. Though our health and lives are endangered, it is the right time to find solutions to the existing problems.

As it stands, many business owners, entrepreneurs, etc have started employing the service of social media experts to wheel the growth of the various business especially those who are not social media friends. Because the old way of working is been modernized.

Due to restriction of movement it has really slowed businesses. This has given wings to social media and online to be the only avenue to announce your business presence and make profit. Had it not been for corona virus, most people will still be living in the days of analog.

Ideally, COVID - 19 has propelled business owners and entrepreneurs to be highly creative and innovative with the advent of social media. While others are equally learning so hard to catch up.

Innovation and creativity are the pillars on which the world was created. It's only reasonable to make good use of little ideas whenever they spark in our thoughts. Creativity and innovation built on ideas are the gate way to been solution oriented.

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