Holiness of Character ought to be the earnest desire of a true child of God.

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Every believer who is truly a child of God, whether leader or led, ought to develop holiness of character. It is the Christians belief that no one will see God outside holiness.

It is true that the teaching about Faith, Giving, Prosperity etc have been carefully taught for many years, but now it is expedient to dig more deep on the emphasis on character development, especially in relation to holiness.

God's blessings and favours elude Christians most of the times because they failed to be living a holy life rather, they chose to embrace a worldly lifestyle. And these funny lifestyles are currently destroying many youths, homes and ministries around the world.

However, cognisant measures should be taken to always ensure that the desire for the "Holiness of Character", will be infused into the Christians through pragmatic treatment and teaching so that the children of God will be able to rediscover themselves and be challenged to live a life of Christ, a life of holiness to God's glory.

2. Definition of the discussed terms:

a. Holiness: The term holiness is simply defined as the state of being pure, that is being separated from sin and set apart for God.

b. Character: it is a combination of qualities, courage or loyalty that makes one special or interesting. The roots of Character are inward but it's fruit are outwardly manifested.

Every child of God must try to attain to the holiness of Character because that's the only way to open heaven and to gain access and draw from God's blessings and favours.

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