No Relief For Gakara’s Family As More Members of the family Are Admitted To The Hospital

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The Family of renowned Nakuru Doctor James Gakara has been Mourning the deaths of the doctor and his two children for the past few days. The children were found dead in their bedroom while Gakara was found unconscious in his room. 

Police managed to break the door and rushed Gakara to the hospital where he was put in ICU for several days before he was pronounced dead on Wednesday. 

The death has taken a huge toll on the family with the wife reportedly rushed back to the hospital after receiving the news about her husband's demise. 

More Family Woes have now been reported after Gakara’s two sisters were rushed to the hospital where they have been admitted after they fell ill on Friday. Post moterm results are yet to be released to establish the exact cause of death. Initial reports have suggested that Dr. Gakara killed his children by injecting them with insulin before using the injection to end his life. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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