Lawyer Danston Omari On Why The Supreme Court Judges Kept Off The Race To Succeed Maraga


Kenyans are set to get their new chief justice after Maraga's retirement. The interviews are ongoing but non of those being interviewed is a Supreme Court judge, the judges kept off the race giving judges from other courts chances to apply.

According to a list of applicants released by the Judicial Service Commission, none of the judges including acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu applied for the job. Concerns were raised over these with many questioning why non of these experienced judges was willing to head the Judiciary.

Lawyer Danston Omari has argued that the frustrations the former chief justice Hon. David Maraga and his deputy went through, might have scared these judges to apply for the seat, he feels that they were playing safe, another reason why they never applied is that he also stated that they might have considered the seniority of the applications who already submitted their Applications, they didn't want to scramble for the seat with them.

“Supreme Court judges might have seen the tribulations CJ Maraga, DCJ Mwilu went through or they might have looked at the seniority of the judges, advocates who applied for the position. In law, we respect seniority.”


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