Opinion : Some Reasons Why It Will Be Wrong Of Nengi To Say Ozo Ignored Her At The White Party.

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Firstly it has been a beautiful Experience following the big brother naija reality TV show, it been impactful, as a lot of us have learnt a lot from the actions of the various individual that participated as Housemate cum amateur actors in the House.

Back to the reason why this post is been written, after yesterday night party, the highlight was Nengi crying and complaining that Ozo ignored her, and she did this in the presence of her fellow finalist, Laycon and vee.

Who in turn encouraged her that things where not as she thought it was. well things where not as the thought it was indeed as it seems Nengi was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

First Reason for saying this was, The Housemate where Demarcated from each other, finalist on one side and evicted housemate on the other, from all indications, Ozo acknowledge Nengi the way any two friends on a separate divide should.

He stood at one corner, despite Standing with a crowd, he made sure he got to the glass that Demarcated Finalist from evicted housemate, and greeted Nengi the way he was meant to. and he enjoyed the party for the first time. Ozo danced and the issue here is Nengi is afraid that Ozo has moved on.

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