Do not divert from writing articles about JESUS CHRIST - Pastor Prince


Do not lose hope, our reward is in the Lord. Lose not lose, for our reward is in Heaven. The world is moving in the direction of the world, not in the direction of the Lord. The world will follow its and its own only, that's a characteristic of the world.

Be not be concerned about the number of impressions, be not be concerned about the number of clicks. Be not be dismayed that religious articles gets you no monies, be not concerned, for your reward is not earthly but Heavenly.

Study the app, study the Platform. It will be easier to discover if it is of the Lord or if it is of the devil. Be not be conformed, be not be conformed, be not be conformed for your reward is heavenly, not earthly.

Don't stop posting about Eternity, don't stop posting about the Bible, don't stop posting about Jesus, DO NOT STOP. They will not view it, they may not click it, your impressions will be low and thus you will not make any money on opera.

But how much can opera pay you? How much has the highest earner, upon spending quality time to write articles, earned? None has earned 8000 cedis, i stand to be corrected. And to those who earned that close, dig deeper to observe something.

Writing articles is designed to take your mind off God, it is designed to steal your time for the Lord. lf you are not a writer on opera, you will not understand. Those to get what i am saying are those who write articles and post on Opera.

Opera does not encourage Religious writers but they cannot be blamed; because opera is an app, not a human. When you open your app, what do you see? What sort of news do you read? Check the news that those with huge followers write about; obviously, they don't write about Christ.

Opera is designed to steal your time, it is designed to steal your focus. The coins being shared here is a trap to lure you. If you are a writer/creator, you know you spend huge hours on opera every blessed day. If you are a committed writer, you know Opera is part of your everyday moves. Opera is always on your mind, always checking the number of people who clicked your article. Oh that's the trap.

Those who came to share Christ have vanished because they came seeking for an earthly reward. Those who wrote religious articles diverted because they were not getting any clicks, thereby not getting the recognition and the money. When i spoke with one good writer of relgious artocles, he told me the money he gets from opera for each article are coins.

Be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might. Share the message on the cross on opera. Don't think of the number of people who will read dit, just share it. If one person reads, you have done a good job because there is great joy in heaven when a single soul repents. Encourage yourself, carry the cross on opera and share without any form of recognition or money.

They cannot pay you for the work you're doing, no person on earth can pay you what you really deserve. Very soon, we sshall pick our rewards in Heaven. Glory be unto the Name of our Master and Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.