Disturbing News to Ruto After Exchange With Uhuru, Reports Emerge That Raila May Benefit Greatly

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The country is just 36 days away from the general election that is likely to be hotly contested between Raila Odinga and William Ruto.The two have proved that they are the ones to beat in the coming general election that has seen them have neck-to-neck rankings.Ruto is at times beating Raila in the opinion polls.However,Raila has managed to catch up with Ruto who President Kenyatta has accused of neglecting his roles.

President Kenyatta has sharply differed with his deputy for some time.The two have not been reading from the same script.Ruto has accused Uhuru of taking up his roles and assigning others.At the same time,Kenyatta has said that Ruto had abandoned his roles and had embarked on campaigns.

Yesterday reports emerged from the local dailies that Ruto is planning to prosecute Uhuru as soon as he ascends to the top office.However,Ruto has today said that he has no such intentions.It is now reported that these exchanges are likely to benefit Odinga.The Star Newspaper for Monday 4th July has revealed this from experts.This should worry Ruto who should chose his words carefully before the elapse of the 36 days.

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