Prophet Sbu Mokoena Is A Sangoma Who Is Hiding Behind A Church Robbing People

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This is an extended period of progress and parcel of things will become known. There are parcel of individuals who are as yet ignorant concerning see reality. There is something about this Christians holy places once you get in it is hard to get out. Generally of these houses of worship they target women more than men. This is predominantly in light of the fact that they realize that ladies are feeble. Ladies in this nation are utilized in any case. It is especially miserable to see that individuals who should safeguard ladies and youngsters are similar individuals who are manhandling them.

Many individuals are so dependent on the purported godly man. They can't see reality regardless of whether it directly before them. Individuals love wonders and to that end individuals are exploiting them. Since Prophet Bushiri's skeletons came out individuals began to see the light. Holy places are at this dislike before they are transformed into business. That is where individuals bring in cash.

Jay Israel was one of them however he apologized on the grounds that he could see reality. He chose to uncover those individuals since he has a deep understanding of them. Prophet Sbu is a songoma who guarantee to be a Prophet. This individuals they know one another and they help one another. Every one of these alleged ministers in South Africa they know one another and they help one another. As indicated by Jay Sbu is looting peopl and he is taking cover behind the podium. As indicated by Jay this multitude of ministers after each assistance they will drink , paying whores and doing that large number of awful things. The cash that individuals use as contributions they use it for their sumptuous way of life. They all drive costly vehicles , living in sumptuous chateaus. Individuals ought to be cautious and begin to appeal to God for themselves. There is no wonders no one but God can perform supernatural occurrences.


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