The Government Warns Again On The Rising Prices Of Goods

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Photo courtesy of the Agriculture CS Peter Munya.

With a significant number of counties receiving below-average rainfall, the government is now warning that commodity prices may rise in the near future.

Uasin Gichu county, well-known for its abundant supply of maize produce in the country, was one of the counties hardest hit by the ravaging effects of low rainfall, as evidenced by withering maize crops across vast hectares of land.

Farmers in the county spoke to NTV Kenya about their struggles with the effects of low rainfall, claiming that they have suffered significant losses in their farms as a result of crop drying.

The agency also revealed the consequences of the failed rainfall, stating that prices of goods, particularly farm products such as maize and maize flour, are on the verge of rising.

These sentiments come at a time when Kenyans are struggling to recover from the devastating effects of the deadly corona virus pandemic.

According to the National Drought Management Authority, an estimated 2 million Kenyans are now starving as a result of the drought.

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