Pastor Chris release powerful prayer points against the inferred demonic vaccine with prophecies


Chris Oyakilohme, the presiding pastor of Christ Embassy still maintain his position that the vaccine been distributed to the masses has imperceptible agenda. Today he releases powerful prayer points and prophecies which will be perfectly unwrapped in this article.

He said in a video uploaded on the church's YouTube channel.

"May I ask you to pray right now, anywhere you are"

In the name of Jesus, we frustrate the plans of dividing the world into fully vaccinated tribes and those who are not.

In the name of Jesus, the satanic works, we divide it and break it, we separate, we cut them off from the nations that they may not be able to control the government of the nations.

Satan and the demon of darkness will not be able to control the world, and we break their power.

We break their influence from the leaders of the world in the name of Jesus.

We frustrate their efforts but they will proceed with their nefarious plans, Satan will not proceed

The devil of darkness in the name of Jesus we frustrate your effort, we command you to stop your effort to manoeuvre the government of nations.

This is not your time or your hour, you don't have permission from God, therefore you can't proceed.

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