South African model and beauty queen Thula victorious in tears over cousin disappeared

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It is no secret that the model and beauty queen Thula victorious is cousin of a long lost South African hero mbuyisa makhubu .

Thula victorious in tears

the model was taking pictures for the dawn add when she broke down after a few questions from the editors

finding him but there is still hope and thoughtd that maybe he will miss home and come back in 1976 what happened to mbuyisa makhubu is something that will forever be in peoples life Mbuyisa Makhubu was a lanky 18-year-old high school pupil in dungarees when he was pictured in photojournalist Sam Nzima’s June 16 1976 photograph. In the photo he is holding a dying Hector Pieterson, running alongside Pieterson’s sister, Antoinette Sithole.

The anguish on their teenage faces was soon published all over the world, turning Makhubu from an “obedient, sympathetic child” (in the words of his mother) into an accidental hero.

and his wife Adelaide said former arts and culture minister Paul Mashatile asked them last year to say the results were “inconclusive”, in order to buy more time to repatriate the man.

Raul told the Mail & Guardian that it was Peter Donaldson, an investigator with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), who convinced him that the man detained in Canada was his brother. He said Donaldson, who is in regular contact with the detainee, contacted him after watching a June 16 broadcast on the internet.

a lot of people know what happenEd to Thula victorious cousin mbuyisa makhubu and they take advantage and want to be popular for wrong reasons 

“He phoned the SABC, got my number and then he called me, saying: ‘We have somebody here that we believe could be your brother,'” says Raul from his sparsely furnished home in Orlando West. “He then asked me: ‘Does he have any mark on his body? But the question still remains if the man will ever return home.

Identifying mark

Raul says his brother has a moon-shaped birthmark on the left side of his chest. It was exactly the same as the one described to him by Donaldson.

Raul, a large man with a pronounced limp, gets animated and agitated when talking about his brother, whom he has not seen since 1976. In a scene from Feizel Mamdoo’s 1998 documentary  What Happened to Mbuyisa?, his late mother describes handing Makhubu her last R10 on the morning of August 21, 1976, her heart heavy with the knowledge that she would never see him again.

He first said he was going to Durban, then simply told his mother that he was “tired of running” before crossing the border into Botswana. Apartheid security agents 

His mother said the last letter she got from him, in which he complained of having had “every sickness in the book”, was from Nigeria, dated June 1978. According to a Red Cross message to his mother, he abandoned the school along with his possessions, amid swirling rumours of drowning, assault, disappearance and mental illness.

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