“Not Again" A Police Officer Busted Doing This Inside Police Station

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A police officer has been captured by Mpasho News dancing to Taarab Music. The officer whose identity remained unknown by the time I was writing this article, was like in a police station as a drawer can been seen possibly with some files. The video According to Mpasho News, was taken after the officer was out of duty. “Baada ya Kazi, kujiburudisha," Mpasho twit reads.

The officer who gained admiration from many many Netizens with his new twist and how he could sing along with the loud music as he dance his heart out.

This comes just a day after The National Police Service revealed a worrying number of Officers who are undergoing treatment on related to mental health issues. According to the Police Director of Chaplaincy, Counseling, and Psychological support, 101 officers have received mental health treatment at Chiromo Lane hospital 34 of which are already been discharged, while 67 are still under active treatment.

With the aim of reducing this, the county Police commanders have undergone an intergrated training on how to handle cases of mental issues.

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