Do You Know Tanzanians Apply Make-up To Dead People? This Is How Much It Costs For This Service


A mortuary.

There are various things people do to their deceased family members before before buried. It is a norm for many to wash the bodies of their deceased family members, dress them before being buried.

However, in Tanzania, some people prefer their deceased family members to be made more beautiful by make-ups being applied on them.

More so, some have their deceased relatives shaved (if they are men) and braided (if they are women).

Speaking to Mwananchi, Aida Mwaisenye, the Head of the Muhimbili National Hospital Morturay, revealed that before make-up is applied to a deceased person, his/her relatives are first asked.

If they agree to have make-up applied on their deceased relative, the mortuary attendants first wash them before applying make-ups.

However, this attracts an added cost, which is estimated at around Sh40,000.

Mwaisenye, in he explanation, noted that if the deceased in an adult, many prefer not to apply make-ups on him/her.

They are only washed shaved, for men, or braided , for women, squeezed the dressed. These services are done by specialists at the mortuary who receive assistance from other mortuary attendants.

All these services are done to reduce the pain of the deceased's family members who will feel their deceased loved ones will go in peace.