Popular Kalenjin Gospel Artiste Lilian Rotich Tell Off Critics After Her Private Video Went Viral


After an explicit video of the famous Kalenjin artiste went viral, she now has told off her critics for using the information to fight her. She asked them to stay away from her battles as they are not privy to its foundation 

"The noblest trait of a sound human being is seeking to know people on a personal level before using information from third parties against them. Stop joining battles whose foundations you're not privy to," she said.

Mrs. Rotich has been the talk of social media since Sunday morning after a video of her crying half-naked went viral. She is heard accusing someone of treating her badly, to the extend of jetting in without informing her.

It was thereafter revealed that she was crying to her Mzungu lover who dumped her and leaked the said video to social media. Her fans criticized her for preaching water and drinking wine. Being a married lady and a gospel preacher, the video caught them by surprise.

"At some point in life, you'll realize that most people are nicer, smarter, friendly, and more approachable compared to how they were described to you. Take your time to learn people and build your impression," she added.

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