See 3 Make Up that will make your Face Look very Beautiful


See perfect make up to use for your face to look more Beautiful. 

Make up is an art of expression. 

Make up enhances your skin tone and looks. 

Most make up contain natural ingredients from Plants which is processed and combined with other ingredients to give you that great look. 

Common Plant based products are gotten from 

- Rice

- Carrot

- Soy bean

- Cucumber 

- Coconut 

The ingredients are too numerous to mention.

Some ingredients are also gotten from Animal fats. 

Honey or Bee wax is also a great ingredient in producing make up. 

Make up is not only to make you look bright and beautiful but it also treat skin problem like Pimples. 


1) FACE FOUNDATION - In make up, face foundation is number one. 

There are different face foundation product in the market.

When buying face foundation ask and choose the color that matches your skin tone. 

2) FACE CONCEALER -- A face concealer make up covers blemishes, marks or spots on the face. 

Face concealer also have ingredients like honey or bee wax that can treat or clear pimples from the face making it to look very smooth. 

3) FACE POWDER - Face powder can be pressed or loosed powder. 

Make sure the powder you'll buy or use is the same color blend with the concealer and the foundation. 

This are the three major make up to make every face look smooth, beautiful and bright.

For those who want to add more gamour to their facial look they can go ahead to use 

- Lip sticks

- Mascara 

- Lip gloss 

- Eye liner

And so on.

A perfect make up makes you feel confident in your own skin.

With this 3 make up you'll always look good.