Wanjiku's In The Coast at Crossroads When Told To Choose Either Getting The Fish Or Know How To Fish


Peter Kaluma (photo courtesy)

The deputy president and the former prime minister have continued to make their ideologies made known to Kenyans. This is in preparation for the next general elections that is in barely a year from now. The deputy president's focus is to retrieve the economy by applying the bottom-up strategy that will put in consideration the hustlers. On the other hand, the former prime minister Raila focuses on ensuring that the BBI bill passes which he believes will help solve many problems faced by Kenyans.

Honorable Peter Kaluma has alerted the people of the coastal region to be wise in making their decision.This is between choosing either the fish or to be thought how to fish. According to him, Raila's ideology of ensuring that four more constituencies are created in Kilifi under BBI is being taught how to fish. This is because he alleges that it will secure more development funding in addition to the increased devolved county funding.

On the other hand, the deputy president has promised to do harambees for mama mboga, boda boda and churches in Kilifi. This he alleges that is being given the fish.

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