'Love Will Always Win' Guardian Angel Told After Posting This About 51-Year-Old Lover

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Kenyan Gospel musician and renowned songwriter Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka who is famously known as Guardian Angel has been showing his undying love to his partner Esther Musila.

Their love and relationship became a controversy last year when Guardian Angel went public and without fear of judgement mentioned that Esther is 50 years old.

As usual, there was a lot of social backlash to the duo and resentment but they were not bothered as they continued to state that God Blessed their union and no one will break it.

They have since been posting on social media a lot of their photos and videos showing that they are truly in love.

Two days ago, the popular musician took to social media and posted a photo that attracted reactions as he added with a touching caption about Esther.

''You are my world and I love you so much. ❣❣❣ #THANKSFORCOMING.'' Guardian Angel posted a few days ago as he hugged his partner in the photo.

A few hours ago, Guardian again took to social media and posted a photo of his lover with a love emoji and Netizens were quick to react to the photo.

Kenyans had the following to say on the internet in reaction to the post by Guardian Angel.

Becky Ochao, ''All compliments are rightly placed you're wonderful.''

Njoki, ''You guys really do love each other... it does not take one but two to make it happen. Kama tu venye ulisema, Love will always win.''

Lydia Kimani, ''Where will we find such lovers 😍😍 This is so sweet, you just love this woman as she is.''

Mwalimu Jobu, ''The reason why this is working is because you guys just accepted who you are... hii mambo ingine watu husema haitawaguza.''

Kasumba Manuel, ''Now this will make some of us feel like we do not deserve love. Amazing, be proud of who you have always.''

Patricia, ''πŸ‘ may your union be blessed always as you continue to display true love without boundaries to the world. Love you loads!''

Mercy Queen, ''Mbona sisi wengine hatupendwi hivi jameni 😍😍.''

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