Diana Marua Shows Off Classy Outfits She Got For Her Children From Dubai


Diana Marua has had the best time of her life while in Dubai. For her the highlight of the vacation was the massive shopping that she did this time round. She had a new friend called Nimo Sally who accompanied her to best shopping locations while in Dubai. It was so easy for Diana Marua to shop while there because of Sally.

She bought all her kids something nice from Dubai and they were super excited for that. For Majesty and His sister Heaven, Diana made sure she got them nice outfits. She made them wear it and shared it on her instagram page for people to rate . 

My opinion on those outfits is that they were looking super classy that one could just say they are from the royal family. I want you guys to comment down below on how you feel about the clothes if they are cute or not. Thank you for reading this guys.

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