According To Maina Kageni, Kenyan Women Pay Their Bills And Clear Their Debts But Kenyan Men Don't

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Maina Kageni is a presenter in the morning breakfast show at Classic 105 alongside Mwalimu King'ang'i. During their show, they discuss various issues touching on the day to day life of Kenyanys and bring out many ideas.

Today, Maina Surprised Kenyans by revealing something touching on money and clearing of bills. According to him, Kenyan women outdo men on matters financial responsibility and financial discipline.

In a story published by Classic 105 on Facebook, Maina opened to the public that he is quite certain on Kenya women for being financially responsible.

Maina said that most of the women pay for their own bills and clear their debts without a fuss. But when it comes to Kenyan men, most of them don't pay their bills nor clear their debts. He wet ahead and said many men don't pay their debts and at each small group of men, there can't lack one with a unpaid debt.

But Maina's co-host, King'ang'i wondered where a man will get money to pay for the Debts. King'ang'i wondered are men supposed to be so generous?

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