"If You Can't Afford An Engagement Ring Worth Of 500k And Above, Don't Bother To Propose To Me" Lady

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Some ladies prefer material things when it comes to relationship than love. Although both are needed for any relationship to be sustainable, but when money is placed above love, it becomes a big problem.

A lady by name, Lolo Chisom, took to social media to announce that if a man cannot afford an engagement ring worth of 500k and above, he should not bother proposing to her. Her post was shared on "Instablog9ja" IG page which got many reactions from people.

According to people's reactions, some were of the opinion that she is not a wife material and that marriage is not her calling, she was advised also that with her demands she will remain single. Some people spotted the wrong use of words in her post and attacked her that she does not know how to write well and she is demanding 500k worth of engagement ring before being proposed to.

According to people's reactions, the lady went too far as to make such demands for just an engagement ring. With such demands before engagement what will be her demands for marriage?

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