Even when I had no company or office, I called myself a CEO - Relationship therapist Blessing

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Popular relationship counselor Blessing Nkiruka, who's known better as Blessing CEO, revealed on her Instagram account how she's managing to speak life into herself, her career, and her future even when those things aren't there. Recall that she recently unveiled the stages of her new house, with the notion that she's going to open it officially in December.

According to her, the CEO that's attached to her name was there even when she neither had an office nor a company, as the name is meant for those with such, but she kept calling herself that name right from the very beginning that she started.

A lot of people have, in the past and still presently, dragged her for attaching that to her name but it also calls for people to borrow from her experience and learn to speak positively about themselves, aim higher and, most importantly, work towards it smartly so those dreams can come to reality.

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