Unseen Pictures Of How These Strange Sea Mammals Visited The Coast And Could Not Return


It was all mixed feelings when fishermen at the Coast of Axim in the Western Region of Ghana saw some strange sea mammals along their coast during the Easter holidays.

The fishermen had complained of low fish catch and were devising ways and means to get more fish when the surprise happened.

Dolphins are strange sea mammals that can only be found in the deep sea.  It is unusual for fishermen to go for their usual expedition and bring home Dolphins as part of their catch.

Dolphins are usually considered as mammals that save human beings whenever they are in trouble on the high seas.

Seeing them on the sea shore has never been experienced by the fishermen of Axim. According to the reports, the fishermen were relaxing on the coast when dozens of Dolphins out of nowhere swam to the shore.

They were all alive at the time of arrival and the fishermen who had experienced low catch for some days embraced them and started thanking God for listening to their prayers.

They caught all of them and started trading in exchange for money. The assembly member of the area, Francis Ebisa indicates that “we saw a lot of them here. The fishermen started killing some of them and selling the rest for an amount on GHS 400 or more. I got there with some respectable persons and advised them that it is against the fisheries laws of Ghana to catch and consume Dolphins but they demanded money before they could leave them.

We paid for about thirty (30) of them to be sent back into the deep sea but unfortunately they left them here to die”. He noted.

Pictures from the scene show how helpless the Dolphins were. The community members had to pull them in a truck to be buried under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drugs Authority.

However three of the strange mammals were still alive. They organize a speed boat to send them back to the deep sea.  

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