Mzansi Is Not Happy After #Mamazala Denied This Man Access To His Child Because Of This Reason

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Mzansi Is Not Happy After #Mamazala Denied This Man Access To His Child In #EnoughIsEnough

Phumeza is helping another individual on #EnoughIsEnough. I always hear of deadbeat daddies. Today we have an "active beat" dad but is being denied access to the child !!! #EnoughIsEnough.

This man sounds so defeated already. We always get disappointed when we hear the other side of the story. Surely there’s a reason why they are denying him access to the child. The mother in law punishing and he has sleepless night because of this, this is torture. This man wants to do right by his son but the grandmother is stopping him. We need the other side of the story before we conclude in #EnoughIsEnough.

He used to harass her daughter. This is why they say there's three sides to the story, now we need to hear what the truth is. Gogo is locking the child inside the house for 6 months without going out of the house and they wont even let himin. The child is 15 years old and the last time he saw him was when he was just 2 years.

Some parents need to learn to stop using their kids a bargaining chips with the ex-partners. She can’t be fighting with the father of her kid then decide to keep their kid away from them for it. Kids must be kept out of unnecessary drama. Viewer still don't understand why they don't want him to have access to his child.

The child is suffering because of this woman if we're being honest, “When two cows fight, the grass suffers”. They should meet each other half way.

"Do not put children in the middle of wars with your exes, because at the end of the day, you hurt the children." - Phumeza #EnoughIsEnough

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