Men, Do These Things To Make Your Marriage Strong


Most men believe that once they marry they are free from what is called ' women's duties. But in reality, marrying does not have an exemption on home chores that should be done to help each other.

You should note that most marriages are dying because of ego. To live happily, you have to help each other as a couple to avoid conflicts.

In this article am going to show you how to live happily in your marriage.

1. Cooking nice food. Has a man you have to equip yourself with various ways to cook food well. There is no need to wait for your wife when you are at home relaxing. Surprise her one day with nice food. This will make strong bonds between you two.

2. Learn to be a midwife. In this statement, I mean that you have to equip yourself with the knowledge to take care of your wife's pregnancy. This is to ensure that your wife gets all requirements all this time. This also will form a strong bond between you two.

3. Forgiveness. We know that man is born to error. Thus it is true to say that every relationship has valleys and mountains. You should learn always to forgive whenever conflicts arise in your marriage. This will also make your marriage strong.

4. Show perfect love. You should always put more effort when it comes to showing love and affection. Also, you should come up with a new way of showing love. This also will make your marriage go long way.

5. Learn to entertain. This means you should be always in a position to entertain your lover for instance dancing and singing soothing music whenever you are with your lover. Don't be serious always, instead bring some jokes and have a jovial moments.

By doing the above activities am sure your wife will show you back and finally, your marriage will last forever.