These Funny Pictures Would Make You Laugh Till Your Landlord Eject You.


If laughter really is a therapy that cures many diseases, then after seeing these images, you will be free of all known and unknown diseases in your body by tomorrow.

When you were once an inspirational speaker but still want to motivate people wherever you go.

When you are contented with the little you have without envy.

Poverty is truly a disease that needs to be treated with the strongest vaccine.

When you are die hard fan of Harry potter.

After betting your life savings on your trusted team but they disappointed you.

Am empty barrel they say make the most noise.

I leave this one to my readers to caption themselves.

After pasting your own price and you finally hear the owner is coming.

This is what we are all praying for to get rid off as soon as possible.

After buying a new shoe and you don't want it to be dirty.

Twene Jonas is right, the system is not working at all.

This is a universal problem.