Prayer for hope in life

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God will make impossible possible. Trust Him.

At some point in our life, we feel emotionally down due to life challenges. We may loose hope and see life as a curse rather than a blessing. God is saying, if we surrender to him, He will be in control over our lives. Let's pray together the following prayer and believe in jesus mighty name.

"It is another wonderful day lord that I am coming before you to say thanks for today and for what I am. I am happy and grateful for your total care and Protection in my life.

I humbly Pray for hope in my life. Lift me up oh Lord for your blessings, connect be with like minded people who are ready to help and add value to my life. Give me friends who reminds me that there is hope in life and good things are to come my way today. May I forgive those who have wronged me oh Lord. Keep me courage to face life challenges head on. Fill me with wisdom to approach and solve problems easily. Through your name, I am gaining courage each day. I am praying and believing in the Mighty name of Jesus." Amen.

Let's join this prayer by tying amen. Be blessed today.

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