'He did this to me, but I still want to go to his room'


I live in a community full of men. There are a few ladies in my area so the men are always after us. Most people always want to get close to me because of my heavy curves.

The moment I step into our street, all eyes turn on me. I don't have any guy in my life now, although, because, I got a very terrible relationship with my ex.

My only focus now has been on getting a job for myself and make life more meaningful, so I do not want to involve myself in any relationship for now.

Our community and the next community arranged some games and I was to partake, since I was very good at sports. We arranged for a bus and everyone was on the bus except me.

I joined them very late and could not get anywhere to sit in the bus, so I had no option than to stand in the bus. These guys too would not even push to create some space for me all because, they wanted me to sit on their laps.

After about 20 minutes, I was tired and felt like sitting. This gentleman who has always been after me told me to sit and rest on his laps. 'I felt good sitting on it, and I didn't want to stand up again until something hard touched my curve'.

I quickly got up and everyone burst into laughter. All the guys wanted me to sit on their laps, but I was afraid because of what happened with the first guy. He even told me the day he will get me in his room, he won't spare me.

After the games, he decided to come very close to me and he claims we should be good friends, even if I do not want to date him. I noticed that, even if we are walking in the streets together, he will begin to touch me and I can always see his flap has been heavy.

I have this strong feeling he won't spare me, anytime I get to his room. My Television broke down and I need to watch some series too. He happens to be the only one I can go to, and use his television, but I'm also afraid to step in his room.

I still want to go because, I love the series, but I hope he won't do anything to me, since I'm only going to watch television. What should I do?

Teetom newshub-gh@operanewshub.com