How to make the perfect Ghanaian Chicken light soup


The weekend is as of now here. Attempt this formula with some fufu or rice and express gratitude toward me later. 

Chicken light soup is one of the most delicious and simple to-plan Ghanaian soups you can discover 


1 major nursery egg 

1 medium-sized white onions 

Scarcely any dices of red onions 

1 new chicken(please make certain to utilize live chicken and local one if conceivable) 


3 medium-sized new tomatoes 

2 seeds yellow scotch hood pepper 

6-7 seeds green u ready scotch hood pepper 

1 teaspoon tomato glue 

2 deseeded flavor 

1 clove garlic(optional) 


3D shapes Seasoning 

For the swallow 

Bubble cassava and unripe plantain and pound in a mortar actually like beat sweet potato 


Wash and spot cleaned pieced chicken in a pot and add the pounded ginger and garlic with preparing, salt and the diced onions. 

To start with, mix and cover for the chicken to cook in its own juice after which you add more water and keep cooking until the chicken is mostly cooked. At that point drop in the entire nursery egg, yellow scotch cap pepper, entire white onions and entire tomatoes and cover to keep cooking. 

After like 7-8 minutes, eliminate the nursery egg, tomatoes, onions and pepper you added and mix with little water in a blender to a smooth glue and put away (or pound in a mortar). 

Presently add the tomato glue to the chicken and stock bubbling. 

Mix and add the zest, green unripe pepper and some more water and cover to cook for about 3minutes. 

Presently utilize a little cross section strainer to sifter in the mixed blend and watch as the soup thickens to a light thick consistency. 

Taste for preparing and permit to cook for about 4 minutes.