Signs that will help you understand your baby before they start to speak


Babies are gifts from God and hence their innocent hearts must be given the best of attention and care irrespective of their gender.

Because babies do not know how to speak first time mothers usually find it very difficult to understand their babies and often do not do the right things at the right time.

It is therefore very important to notice these few signs in a baby in order to know when to do what to provide the best care and development for your children’s future.

When a baby constantly cries even when his or her mom is around her then the baby is very hungry and should be breastfed immediately, babies love playing mad if they cry instead of play then you know what to do.

Some babies do not like crying especially when they are not seriously hungry , so in order to show their hunger they fold their fingers and hold it firmly so you should breast feed him or her.

The words of babies are not just to be taken for granted or assumed the baby is playing, babies learn to speak to their mother even while they are in the womb take a look at a few of these guidelines in the photos below to understand them especially if you’re a pregnant woman or an expectant mother.

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