What comes out from your face when you are sleeping


What comes out from your face when you are sleeping

Face mites, also known as Demodex folliculorum, are tiny insect-like organisms that live in the hair follicles on your skin and feed on dead skin cells. They look like microscopic ticks and have a body with eight legs.

Face mites usually measure between 0.2 to 0.4 millimeters, smaller than half of the thickness of a credit card. It’s impossible to see them with eyes. 

ne of the more disturbing realities of the microbiome is that we're literally crawling with microbes. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses all live within the human body, and for the most part, co-exist with us in a symbiotic relationship.

 There's tons of research on why the microorganisms that exist on and inside our bodies could actually be key to good health and longevity, catalyzing everything from the proper immune responses to attacking harmful bacteria, and even preventing the onset of serious illness. 

Other types of microorganisms just hang out, and we haven't a clue that they're present. Such is the case with demodex, commonly known as face mites.

This is an animal that lives in our body, and many don't see it. The animal isn't destructive to us rather it simply stays and lives whenever it needs to. 

The animal can't be eliminated it leaves at whatever point it needs; various people consider it the "Face Vermin". They don't live in kids rather the live in adult's body. 

This animal is a sort of animal that profits by face oil for their hydration. They creature routinely rest during the day and in the night it crawls out. 

It was communicated that they number of the animal depends upon the rate at which one rubs oil on his/her face. In the event that you rub an excessive amount of oil all over the animal will be numerous all over. 

The can cause skin illness which we call "Demodicosis", which is dangerous to our prosperity.

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