Finally, Mashatile Will Have A Taste Of The Position Of The Suspended Ace Magashule In The ANC

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ANC treasurer-general has been given the responsibility of overseeing the functioning of the ANC secretary-general office while acting SG Jessie Duarte is on sick leave.

This message was announced by Luthuli House on Tuesday after a meeting of its national working committee on Monday. Duarte left the office without a head when she was medically advised to take sick leave in November. This means for the past two months the party had no secretary-general.

The ruling party read as follows, the ANC has wished her a speedy recovery and said Duarte was advised to limit her interaction with family until given the green light to go back to work. The ANC NWC, at its regular session on Monday, conveyed its best wishes for a speedy recovery to DSG comrade Jessie Duarte who has been on sick leave since November 2021.

It also expressed solidarity with her family and loved ones as they support her during this difficult time. The national officials have requested the comrade Paul Mashatile to assist her in the execution of duties of the secretary-general’s office.

Accordingly, the NWC urged all media, and all ANC structures and leaders, to act with compassion and consideration and to refrain from any actions that might hold back her recovery. The party emphasized that Duarte had not voiced her opinion on matters currently in the public domain.

The African National Congress placed Jessie Duarte on medical leave following gastrointestinal complications. Gastrointestinal conditions are disorders of the digestive system, an extensive and complex system that breaks down food to absorb water and extract nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for the body’s use, while then removing unabsorbed waste.

Unfortunately, there are many different gastrointestinal issues, so it is easy to mistakenly neglect them. Some GI problems are mild and usually go away on their own, but some conditions are serious enough that you have to see a physician or gastroenterologist. In her case, it means it's a serious condition that has led her to remain at home for some time.

Jessie Duarte has been serving as the party’s deputy Secretary-General for nine years was admitted to hospital on Sunday.

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