Ruto Ally, Mwangi Kiunjuri Says They Won't Lead Campaigns Against BBI


In an about-turn on Tuesday, Kiunjuru, a nearby partner of Deputy President William Ruto, who has been reprimanding BBI advocates over the choice, said the bill is 80% acceptable and that they will attempt to improve it later. 

"We will not be in a referendum challenge. The record is 80% acceptable, we will work with it and improve it later. Those pushing us to participate in a NO campaigns will be in for a discourteous stun," Kiunjuri said. 

This is the most clear sign yet that however DP Ruto's partners have had contradicting voices on the bill, they won't set up a No detachment. 

Kiunjuri had said BBI report doesn't address the issues influencing Kenyans and called for additional commitment to guarantee the requirements of individuals are tended to. 

The lawmaker had hit at the public authority, saying it should zero in on the current COVID-19 circumstances as opposed to the costly submission. 

He said people have lost their jobs, lives and the economy is in a terrible state all because of the pandemic. 

"It is acceptable to take a gander at the Constitution of the country for great initiative, however we ought not disregard the Covid and the descending pattern of the economy," he said. 

Over the past years, Kiunjuri has been among a segment of lawmakers from the Mt. Kenya area who said they would retaliate in their service for the people of the republic.

Kiunjuri and his unit promised to deal with President Uhuru Kenyatta head-to-head as he attempts to cement uphold for the Building Bridges Initiative activity (BBI) and his 2022 political plan. 

The vocal government official said he will no longer have polite words for the President in the event that he keeps creating mischief. 

While sounding an admonition against the head of State, Kiunjuri said whenever compelled, he would get into a sticky situation covered up in President Uhuru's system. 

"I have consistently shunned assaulting the President … however I need to say this … if the President assaults me, I will have to reciprocate. I won't permit President Kenyatta to drive me into a corner and keep using his political lieutenants to assault me," he said. 

He added, "Going ahead, there will be a response for any activity by President Uhuru".