Survival Of The Fittest In La Liga, Who Will Win The Title? See All Fixtures Of Madrid, Barca And ATM.


La liga is a very tough league this season as the three football clubs at the top of the table are fighting to close the gaps between each other. Athletic Madrid is presently on top of the the table with 73 points, while Real Madrid (the defending champions) followed closely with 70 points and three (3) points deficit from Athletics Madrid. Also, Barcelona is presently standing on third position with 68 points and two (2) deficit of Real Madrid. But Barcelona are still having one outstanding match to play in other to move to second position on the table only if they win the match. No doubt La liga is really tight this season, therefore only the strongest club and with the grace of God can win the race. so which club can eventually be the winner? Let's take a look on their remaining la liga fixtures for 2020/2021 season.

(A) Athletic Madrid; These are Athletic Madrid remaining LA liga fixtures this season

(1) Athletic bilbao vs Athletico Madrid; Date, 25/04/2021, time 20:20

(2) Elche vs Atletico Madrid: Date 01/05/202, time 15:15

(3) Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid; Date 08/05/2021, time 15:15

(4) Atletico Madrid vs Real Sociedad; Date 12/05/2021, time 21:00

(5) Atletico Madrid vs Osasuna; Date 16/05/2021, time 16:00

(6) Real Valladolid vs Atletico Madrid: Date 23/05/2021, time 16:00

(B) Real Madrid; Madrid remaining la liga fixtures are ;

(1) Real Madrid vs Real Betis; Date 24/04/2021, time 20:00

(2) Real Madrid vs Osasuna; Date 01/05/2021, time 20;00

(3) Real Madrid vs Sevilla; 09/05/2021, time 20:00

(4) Granada vs Real Madrid; Date 13/05/2021, time 20:20

(5) Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid; Date 16/05/2021, time 16:00

(6) Real Madrid vs Villarreal; Date 23/05/2021, time 16:00.

(C) Barcelona FC; These are the clubs Barcelona need to play to complete the 2020/2021 LA liga season

(1) Villarreal vs Barcelona; 25/05/2021, time 15; 15

(2) Barcelona vs Granada; Date 29/05/202, time 18: 00

(3) Valencia vs Barcelona; Date 02/05/2021, time 20:00

(4)Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid; 08/05/2021, time 15:15

(5) Levente vs Barcelona; Date 11/05/2021, time 21: 00

(6)Barcelona vs Celta Vigo; Date/16/05/2021, time 16:00

(7) Eibar vs Barcelona; 23/05/2021, time 16:00


Winning the La liga title this season is really a battle and the survival of the fittest. If you are asked to judge base on the three clubs remaining fixtures as listed above, players on injury list, and present performance level of each of the team, which of the club do you think will win the La liga title this season?