Man Cries Like A Baby After Mistakenly Buying 3 Million Worth Of Airtime [Video]


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We see many things day in day out in our daily encounters and when surfing the web and on social media, from celebrity photoshoots and videos to our own phone cameras.

Most especially on beautiful occasions and celebrations, we take videos to make that particular day a memorable one but some times we go too far in our videos.

Just imagine sending a huge some of money to the wrong person and the person withdrawing the money and blocking your number afterwards. At such a times,, not even network providing agencies can help you get your money back because the wrong person you sent the money to has already withdrawn it. Painful, isn't it? That is when you forget whatever your status is and "dirty" yourself even if it's in public because the pain caused is huge.

One such video that is being widely shared on social media is of a young man crying uncontrollably after he mistakenly recharged three million naira worth of airtime instead of three thousand naira.

When he was heartbroken over an expensive error, this man drew the attention of others at the Port Harcourt shopping centre.

In the video making rounds on social media, the young man in question is seen lying helplessly on the floor after suffering what seems to be a severe heartbreak from topping up the wrong amount of airtime.

This is somewhat the case of a young man I am going to talk about today in this article. The young man has and is still going viral after his video surfaced online.


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