Revealed: Raila Explains Where He Will Get Sh 6,000 To Give Out Monthly And The People He Will Give

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While speaking with a team of journalists drawn from various media houses, Raila Odinga and his presidential running mate discussed various matters affecting the country and what they will do as a government once elected to office.

One of the issues which came up was the Baba care program which Raila has been promising to achieve when elected In office. This is a program which aims at giving Ksh. 6,000 monthly to families categorized as poor in the country.

The journalists wanted to know how the families will be chosen and where the money will come from. Questions which Raila responded to quit well.

According to him, there are 2,000 families categorized as poor from demographic data entries. When rough estimates are done for Ksh. 6,000 Monthly, it comes to a totalling of around Sh. 144 billion annually.

Raia said that trustable analysis have shown that there are more than Sh. 700 billion which a lost due to corruption. Going to finer Details, Raila explained how the money is lost and how as a president, he will ensure the money is not lost but is tamed to catter for development needs.

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