ARVs Drugs are Important to People Suffering from HIV/AIDS.


When someone test negative for HIV and AIDS it does not mean that life of such a person has ended.Most people people are often make wrong decisions when they found themselves that they have the HIV virus.Some even tend to isolate themselves from their loved ones while others even cross the line by killing themselves which is absolutely wrong.

It is true that scientist have not found the exact cure for the HIV and AIDS virus but this does not mean that the disease kills.Through World Health Organization (WHO) with continued research there were able to come up with a better solution on how to lower effectiveness of the virus on human body.WHO were able to introduce drugs called antiretrovirals (ARVs) were are said to help lowering the viral load of HIV on the body.

ARVS help in prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) which is the good news to all mothers who have the virus but still want to give birth.ARVS have the ability to protect the infected person from minor diseases which may arise due to weakened immune system of the.However, all the patients who have tested negative for HIV and AIDS virus are advised to go for VCT centers in order to start taking drugs which are offered free by the government.The patient is advised to eat healthy food and do exercises.


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