Two persons arrested in connection to the demolition of Nigerian high commission in Ghana

By Abraham J Jovial

Many Nigerians has been asking on what the federal government of Nigeria has done since the Demolition of its country's high commission building in Accra Ghana.

It was reported that two persons where arrested in connection to the demolition by the Ghanian authority and will be charged for the act.

The charges levied against them were conspiracy to commit crime, unlawful entry and causing unlawful damage contrary to the criminal, and other offenses Act of 1960.

It was disclosed to the members of the press in the criminal investigation department (CID) of the country.

It was really a shock to Nigerians both home and abroad when the story came out earlier, if really Ghanian authorities can carry out that act.

Though, it was gathered that invaders went with armed men and accused the Nigerian high commission of encroachment of their land. Which led to the destruction of some houses been constructed to house staff and officials of the commission.

The officials of the commission who made efforts in contacting the police, buy nothing was done to stop the demolition.