Stop Taking Pills, Drugs Or Supplements If You Are Always Tired In The Day, Try These Remedies -Reno

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Human Right Activist and Former Special Assistant to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Bemigho Reno Omokri, has advised that taking medicine to get relief from tiredness that comes from a labour during the day is not an ultimate thing to do.

Picture of Reno Omokri. Photo Credit: Reno's verified Facebook page.

The bestselling author, Omokri, who made this known through his verified Twitter handle, listed few natural remedies someone should try when he or she is feeling tired from the activities of the day. He suggested that a weak or stressed person should sleep earlier to regain strength.

He further stated that, to avoid distractions, the person should turn his or her TV set off earlier, and switch off his or her cell phones by 10pm. He claimed that though the remedies are small, but will make a big difference in the life and health of the person that will apply it.

According to his tweet, he advised: "If you are always tired in the day, dont take pills, drugs or supplements. Instead, try a simple remedy. Sleep earlier. Turn the TV off at 9PM latest. If you have a TV in the room, get rid of it. Switch off your phone at 10. Those small changes will make big difference."

Screenshot of the said tweet by Reno Omokri.

Looking at what Reno Omokri has advised, you will see the need for everyone to always have enough rest after the day's work. Medicines are good to be taken when prescribed by qualified medical practitioners.

If you can make it a habit to always sleep on time, you will be at the safer side of having good health. No wonder an ancient poem sang "early to bed and early to wake; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise'.

That was a very good one from the former presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri. What is your take on this? Do you sleep early or late? Does the above advice make any sense to you? You can drop your comments and opinions below. Like and share our posts to encourage our tireless writers. Follow us for more.

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