Iwobi Tests Negative For Covid-19, As Benin Republic Is Suspected Of Falsifying Results


The breaking news on Nigerian national football today is the surprising negative result of Super Eagles forward and Playmaker Alex Iwobi, after he tested positive on Benin Republic soil last weekend and missed the Afcon qualifier against them.

On announcing the test result for the Super Eagles, Gernort Rohr claimed that he wasn't going to believe the test result but would obviously leave out the forward for the game while they would do a re-test on Nigerian soil, and surprisingly to the rest of us the test came back negative for Alex Iwobi.

It has always been a worry for most football regulatory bodies that some dishonest teams and clubs would try to play on people's intelligence with the covid virus. It was definitely a revised strategy by the Benin Republic national team, to make Alex Iwobi miss the game against them so they can bolster their chances of qualifying for the AFCON tournament in 2022.

ItzSwayne kenya_public@operanewshub.com