'Nonsense' Reactions As Magix Enga Claims He Hides In A Mask From Illuminati As Angry Cats Haunt Him

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Earlier, popular producer Magix Enga shocked everyone after claiming to be a member of the Illuminati. Enga came out revealing how he has been a member of the cult for close to a decade and how through it he accumulated most of his wealth and is currently out of it.

Well, there's a new twist of the story as Enga claims that the Illuminati group is after him after quitting. Enga claims he's currently using his mask to hide from the cult and went forward to express how he has been receiving threats and haunts to close to having angry cats getting into his house through the window.

Through the interview via plug tv, Magix Enga went like, "Tulikua tunafanya podcast Hadi tuliomba and then kuna Paka ilikuja na ilikua umekasirika Saana, ilipitia Kwa dirisha, am not lying about this, na iyo Paka ilikua imejam vibaya saana. Tukaifkuza na tukamaliza Iyo stori ya podcast. I feel the illuminate people are still following me everywhere, that's why siezi toa mask. I can't talk about them kama sina mask."

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