Tumekasirika Sana, Ringtone Wants Otile Brown New Song Banned For Calling Women Messiah (VIDEO)

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For a while now it's a common norm for musicians to express how they feel about certain things be it love for women or materialistic things through their music.

Music has also been used as a way of passing information or messages among people. The use of aliases to potray different characters in their songs such as the love for a woman have so far been misused as certain names are wrongfully used.

There are different types of genres of music in Kenya and most of them feed completely different messages to the public. There are individuals who get offended by other types of secular songs and others who enjoy.

Ringtone has so far gone to social media platforms stating how he is offended with Otile Brown and Jux who released a song that has been on the Kenyan and Tanzanian airwaves called Regina. In verse in the song we hear how Jux sings describing women as Messiah. Ringtone didn't take this lightly as he took to social media to express his concerns of how it's not proper to be calling women Messiah in songs and that they should respect God.

He further states that he can sue them for using Messiah to potray women in the song. He wants the song banned adding that it's disrespecting the christian community.

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Do you feel it's right for artists to use the name Messiah in terms of potraying women in songs? Feel free to highlight your views and don't forget to follow, like and share!.

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