Meet the World tallest model who has the longest leg in the World and the biggest feet in Russia


The tallest woman in the World right now is a beautiful young lady from Penza in Russia. Her name is 'Yekaterina Viktorovna Ekaterina Lisina' and her height is 6 feet 9 inches, she is not that fat but she weighs 90KG due to her height.

She currently holds 2 Guinness World Records for the woman with the longest legs with a leg of 52.9 inches, and for the tallest professional model. Her legs is very long and she has a very big feet, her shoe size is 47 and she also holds the record for the woman with the biggest feet in Russia.

Lisina said that she once hated herself when she was very young because, she was taller than every one else but she started seeing herself as a beautiful woman when she was 24 year old.

She was born on the 15 of October in the year 1987, Penza, Russia. Lisina has achieved a lot because of her height and she says that she now believe that her height is beautiful.

See some photos of Lisina below

Lisina is currently the woman with the longest leg and, World tallest model and woman with the biggest feet in Russia.

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