Diamond or Rayvanny's Son? Who is More Stylish?


Severally, many have confused fashion for style. So did you know there is a difference between stylish and fashionable? Stylish is having elegance or taste in manners of dress while fashionable is characteristic influenced by a current popular trend or style.

Diamond Platinumz and Rayvanny are both big Tanzanian super stars and good friends. Simba mentored Chui from day one. Both have male children who are currently staying with their mom's. Severally, the cute kids have turned people's heads with their outfits.

Jay is Rayvanny's son with Fahyma while Dylan is Diamond's with Hamisa Mobeto. We will take a quick peek at their photos as you pick a tip or two from them. They both look s adorable and elegant but a contest must have one winner right? Check them out and be the judge.

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