Witchcraft Is Dealing With Alfred Magongwa In #SkeemSaam After His Business Accout Got Blocked

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Magongwa's Business Accout Has Been Blocked, Witchcraft Is Dealing With Him In SkeemSaam


Celia and Alfred deserve an Oscar for their acting. They come from very far, they played villains on Ubizo and these characters suit them even on Skeem Saam.

When it rains it pours in the Magongwa house. The table is about to turn at the Magongwa's. It says incorrect password. Magongwa is not allowed access into the account poverty loading. Magongwa is denied access into an important business account. Magongwa had been blocked from his Business Accout. That new sangoma might witch Magongwas for failing to pay him. 

And then the password issue!!Alfios changed it now Magongwa is stuck. To be honest I think Alfios is faking the memory loss. Celia and Magongwa will know that Karma is a bitch. The way Alfios is acting it seems like he is not mad, he blocked the account. Alfios is very selective about what he remembers and what he doesn't remember. The Amnesia that his having is very syring thay even Glenda couldn't get Alfios to remember anything. Alfios he's not faking it, he can't even remember his crush Glenda.

The look sangoma when the bank profile blocked Magongwa. This new sangoma is acting, you can tell that he's been briefed. Alfred should be scared of the things that might happen to him. Witchcraft is real and we are about to experience one and this time it's from the villages when they cast the spell. 

What’s happening to Alifios is proof that enemies are often quite closer than we think. alfios will have all the money and he will open his spaza shop and charles kunutu he will blame his brother death for not succeed at his shop no wonder i dont see his house and wife

Alfred Magongwa might lose his job if he continues with his behavior of not teaching the students and doing his duties as Deputy Principal. I'm worried about the principal how is this even happening. She should be proud of kwaito's success after all he was their student. This woman is so cruel. But I love Lizzy because she told her the truth and principal is gonna loose her position and be given to Wallet's girlfriend.

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