Davido extends love and respect to Wizkid despite the rivalry between their fan bases.

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David Adeleke aka Davido and Wizkid "Ayo Balogun" are two superstars of their time.Their era which started about 10 years ago never stops as the duo keeps makong more money,winning awards ,gathering fan bases and going international with their music.The competition between them has also caused some kind of argument or rivalry between their fans on who is the best between the duo.Honestly, this rivalry is mostly fueled by their respective fan bases that is constantly at loggerheads with each other.

No doubt,in every field of life the two biggest entities will always find themselves vieing for superiority. Judging by the recent happenings bwtween Wizkid and Davido,one can say that both men have outgrown their rivalry but their respective fan base are still at war with each other.

Recall on May 3 ,2020 Davido posted a tweet revealling that he loves Wizkid but doesn't give a care about his fans.

(screenshot of @Davido's tweet used for reference purpose)

Well,what Davido posted today about Wizkids new album "made in Lagos" just proved that truly Davido loves Wizkid. Despite the rivalry between their individual fan base, Davido took to his official instagram account to congratulate Wizkid on the newly released album.

@davidoofficial wrote,"congrats king.#MIL Nigeria out now.

This is indeed a sign of respect and friendship. We look forward to seeing more of such cordial relationship between both stars.

(screenshot of @davidoofficials post)

(screenshot of some fans reaction and broda shaggi)

@brodashaggi wrote,"Machala".

(screen shot of fans reaction)

@tundeednut wrote,"did Wizkid reply or comment? hmmmmmm

Whatever the case be. Reply or no reply,we have to encourage these two superstars and let go of rivalry from fan base.

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