"I Didn't Buy It Myself It Was A Gift" Tanasha Donna Reveals Price Of Her Most Expensive Shoes


Kenyan artist Tanasha Donna is without a doubt perhaps the most trendy female famous people in the country. The perfect model's dressing code coordinates with her shoe game. Being such a big name accompanies a few assumptions from fans; they'll expect you not to rehash similar garments or similar shoes.

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Like most VIPs, Tanasha is staying aware of the speed. In a meeting on Azziad's shoe game, the artist uncovers that her most costly shoe cost $1300, which is about Ksh 130,000.

Be that as it may, Tanasha didn't uncover who got her the costly blessing. Being one of Diamond Platnumz's infant mothers, the blessing may have potentially come from the rich Tanzanian artist. Despite the fact that the maiden is isolated from the artist, Diamond has incredibly added to the fame of Tanasha. She currently has a tremendous fanbase; making her the most followed female craftsman in Kenya on Instagram. She has 3 million supporters.

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