Mike Sonko Leads In Educating Citizens On Best Precautionary To Observe To Avoid Contracting Covid19


The former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko new role of creating awareness to the citizens on how to avoid contracting the covid 19 has excited Kenyans.

Since his ouster as the Nairobi governor, Sonko has spend most of his online time in warning the people on the precautionary measure to observe to avoid falling to these dangerous virus that is claiming lives of citizens daily.

Sonko advises people to at least be taking mixture of hit water, lemon, ginger and garlic. He says those who can afford to buy suppliment should purchase them to boost body immune. Apart from washing hands, keeping social distance and using face masks. He has echoed the words of the late TZ president Magufuli of always trusting in God for the protection.

The third varriant of covid 19 is turning out to be more deadly. The number of Positivity Rate in the month of March has been around 17%. The report from the health ministry indicates that hospitals are overwhelmed with patients suffering from the virus.

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